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DCNTS-Dual Core Noise Test System

The DCNTS is a two channel Phase and Amplitude noise analyzer. Its dual demodulator architecture allows the system to use cross-correlation to cancel its internal noise and limitation; it is like comparing the outputs of 2 systems and only display the similarities while rejecting differences.

It is capable of measuring absolute phase or amplitude noise but also residual phase noise under CW or pulsed conditions. The input frequency goes from a few MHz to 140 GHz. Residual noise testing is for devices like frequency multipliers or dividers, amplifiers or any other phase coherent input to output device.

Pulse compatible, the system is perfect for very demanding Defense and Aerospace applications. Its state of the art dynamic range makes it the lowest noise floor instrument of the market.

Why the DCNTS series ?

  • Lowest noise floor of the industry: -195 dBc/Hz !

  • Two channel architecture to use cross-correlation processing

  • All kinds of methods available, the "swiss army knife" for phase noise testing

  • Pulsed signals or standard CW type

  • Residual/Additive Phase Noise Measurements

  • Absolute Phase or amplitude noise measurments

  • Extensive Jitter computation library

  • Fast ATE System


DCNTS-Dual Core Noise Test System.jpg
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